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My favorite work of my fellow deviants! I love seeing art made of characters from my favorite videogames, anime series and books, and it amazes me how there are so many different styles to draw them in! Anyway, I have a huge collection of favorites because I really want to be able to learn from other artists and eventually create my own original artwork. (Oh, and I may as well mention this now: I like yaoi, so just a heads up!:giggle:)

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United States
Hi, my name is Arizona, and I love art! On deviantart, I don't have any of my own deviations, but I love to view and comment on my fellow deviant's art so that I can grow as an artist and eventually upload and publish some of my own art on deviantart. My other hobbies include playing sports such as soccer, tennis and track; playing instruments such as the violin and the piano, and singing! Even though I love art, I want to become successful doctor (pediatrician or dermatologist) and then also become a writer if I have any free time, since literature would probably be my strongest point the arts. Piece out girl scouts! :w00t:
  • Listening to: Pokemon Original Theme Song!
  • Reading: My own crappy journal entry over and over...
  • Watching: Who wants 'ta know, huh?
  • Playing: My Stupid Pajama Lace!
  • Eating: Air!
  • Drinking: Orange Soda! (I'm feeling a bit dangerous today!)
NO. *Rant Mode Activated*
IT'S BITCH TIME! :finger:
Okay, lately I've been finding that so many people keep saying that the 5th gen pokemon suck and don't make any sense. Such as Trubbish (The trash pokemon) and Lampent (The lamp pokemon). But they fail to remember that there are suckish pokemon in EVERY generation. For example in the 1st gen there was Exeggcute, which was just 6 broken eggs glued together, and Electrode was just an upside down pokeball, for pete's sake! Plus, 5th gen haters are claiming that the pokemon industry is getting less and less creative with the names, and just naming the pokemon based on what the are, instead of making cool creative names. Well sorry to break to ya, but Nintendo has ALWAYS done that! Charmander = Charcoal + Salamander, Squirtle = Squirt + Turtle, and Bulbasaur = Bulb + Dinosaur. Besides, I think the names are just fine and fit the pokemon perfectly, and suit the majority of the pokemon in all of the gens perfectly! In conclusion, no matter what generation, and no matter how retarded the pokemon might seem, a true pokemon fan has still GOTTA. CATCH. 'EM. ALL. :pokeball:
*Rant Mode Deactivated* ^^;
Thank you for your time, good sir/lady. :salute:


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